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Perfect Go Wifi

A new way of promoting your business and attracting more customers

A simple and intuitive Wi-Fi Marketing Platform, that allows you to communicate in a targeted way to the audience of your choice, whether they are in a specific geographical area or passing by your store.

Go Wifi Marketing feaures

  • Hot SMS Send SMS in real time to clients that enter your store or for potential customers that pass by your business.
  • Display Ads Engage and communicate with your customers through image or video. Influence their purchase decisions in real time.
  • Segmented Targeting Optimize your communication with the security that you are promoting your business to customers that fit your brand’s values.
  • Geo SMS Choose a geographical area, target potential customers and make an impact with your communication.
  • Sponsored Networks Sponsor and activate your brand in key places for your business. Take the advantages of communication, everywhere.
  • Venues and Events Solution design and optimized to provide high performances in environments with high density of users.

Hot SMS and Geo SMS campaigns

With Go Wi-Fi you may create your own advertisements by text message, in real time, on your point of sale (Hot SMS) direct them to a certain geographic area close to your point of sale (GEO SMS)

Easy management through Go Wi-fi platform

  • SMS Campaign Management
  • Scheduling campaigns
  • Return Monitoring
  • Real-time communication
  • Self-target segmentation

Assessment of results

You will be able to evaluate the results of your campaigns, know how many customers received your text messages, how many entered your establishment as well as their purchases.


First online platform with immediate campaign ROI


Segmented communication - Access to data in real-time


Customer loyalty and consequente sales increasement